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What's it like to work with these guys, anyway?

"We are a multi-million dollar company, but we looked like a Zoom call. Now all our virtual events look clean and professional."

VP Education Redken US


  • “To have the right people on board who understand the technical aspects of a show or event. It’s so much easier when there is someone behind you to take care of all the details. I loved everything that CAM brought to the event, it made our training the next level.  The biggest win for today was having the CAM crew behind us to make the event so professional. This is the future for online events, with music, sounds effects, and small videos. It makes a 2 dimensional class become a 3 dimensional class.”

    Marco Arena, Redken Educator - RAC online - for over 500 attendees 
  • “Cut Action Media has been an invaluable partner to take our Virtual Education to the next level. The production experts have given our events a flair to set us apart from our competition. From social media assets for promotion, to rehearsal, to live event to the debrief after-their expertise has made our team and facilitators stronger. Having them manage our events from registration to post production has taken the stress off our team knowing their attention to detail has everything covered. Their experience in the industry has improved the quality of our events. They will always be our only choice for event production!”

    Dhaniel Doud  Director of Training, Redken
  • “I have had the pleasure to work with CAM on numerous projects over several years and it has always been an easy and stress-free process. I’ve had the opportunity to experience their talent and professionalism in onsite filming, photography, video creation, video editing, voice overs, and they can handle even the tightest of deadlines.  CAM is an outstanding example of how a business should be run. Flexible, friendly, compassionate, understanding, and patient are just a few ways to describe each member of the CAM team.”  

    Sam Villa

Case Studies

Captivating Audiences, Winning Hearts

The Voices of Our Satisfied Clients

In 2019, Matan Gavish rocked the fitness scene with Fit Hit, a cutting-edge facility in NYC that combined fitness and Krav Maga self-defense training. Just as things were taking off, the pandemic hit, and the future looked bleak.  Enter Cut Action Media (CAM) - our superhero team! 

Matan knew CAM's expertise in online education and events, so he reached out to us. In no time, we had Fit Hit streaming live workouts to their members with a secure and easy-to-use setup. We fine-tuned the system, empowering a single coach to run the show seamlessly. 

Today, Fit Hit's success story continues, streaming live to a nationwide community even after reopening and expanding to Los Angeles. They even bagged the prestigious INC 5000 award for fastest-growing business in the US. Powering Fit Hit's triumph, CAM saves the day once again!

MOVEMENT LIVE by Michelob ULTRA is an inclusive and fun fitness experience that combines the joy of working out with the energy of a live performance. Rumble Boxing, their fitness sponsor, will lead participants through a 45-minute, 10-round, shadow boxing and strength workout to live music sets.

Movement Live and Agency X hired Cut Action Media to execute on this massive event. 800 attendees descended on The Brooklyn Mirage in the heart of the Avant Gardner complex.

The challenge was to get full coverage of the event center and capture the energy and movement of all of these people while moving and swinging punches as well as on the ground working the mats.

Our choices of lenses and capture formats needed versatility and the ability to get into the video switcher while staying mobile. Our A Camera needed to to be the tightest shot on the stage so we needed to go with a behemoth Canon 30-300 servo lens. B camera was a wide lock-off with a 70-200mm lens to capture the sheer size of space and all of the people. C camera needed to be able get down and low with the attendees on the mat so we used a DJI RS3 Pro Gimbal with a HDMI transmitter to keep it untethered and get into all of the nooks and crannies of the space. And last but not least, D camera was a drone above the event sending live video to the switcher. 

Added to the complexity was the need to livestream directly to their website. While that doesn’t sound particularly difficult these days, in an event with 800 attendees and 100 staff, and all of them with cell phones using the same cell towers, the chance for a dropped signal was significant. So we brought out the trusty LiveU LU600, which gives us 6 bonded cellular modems that essentially guarantee a perfect signal.

The event was a huge success with the client super happy with the live stream, energy and quality of the production.

When New York City went into lockdown in March 2020, Redken 5th Ave faced a major challenge. Their renowned education facility, the Redken Exchange, couldn't operate, risking a huge loss in revenue. In a pinch, they turned to their trusted partner, Cut Action Media (CAM), for a solution. With educators scattered across the country, Redken wondered if CAM could pull off a two-day live event with 5000 attendees.

CAM, being the tech-savvy wizards that we are, jumped into action. We worked closely with our technology developers, ensuring our software and hardware were up to par. We collaborated tirelessly with the event organizers and educators, fine-tuning web connections and perfecting the show flow. Cameras, lights, and mics were put to the test. And guess what? We nailed it! Even before going live, Redken's confidence soared, and they revived their entire schedule for the year.

As the lockdown persisted, CAM became Redken's go-to team, producing up to 5 shows per week. We quickly became their largest touchpoint for clients. Now that restrictions are lifted, Redken continues embracing live online education's power. We've equipped the Redken Exchange to support their hybrid classes, and we accompany them on their in-salon "Redken Exchange On Tour" with our streaming team.

Redken and CAM have conquered the challenges, reaching new heights and spreading knowledge far and wide. The education show must go on, and we're proud to be part of their extraordinary journey!

Glam Camp, is the ultimate conference extravaganza hosted by SalonCentric! This 4-day gala brings together their top sales consultants every year for a thrilling blend of training and brand sales information. But this time, things took a digital twist. With over 350 attendees and 18 presenters, SalonCentric knew they had to kick it up a notch and bring the energy of an in-person event to the virtual space.

Enter Cut Action Media (CAM), the masters of online magic. SalonCentric trusted us to deliver an unforgettable experience, and boy, did we deliver! We had it all – a DJ spinning tunes, a magician casting spells, and 16 brands and guest speakers adding their unique flavor to the mix. Each day, we packed 5 hours of non-stop online presentations, complete with breakout rooms for brand training. We've worked with SalonCentric before, so they knew we had the skills to make it a seamless success.

For two weeks straight, our dedicated CAM teams put their hearts and souls into rehearsing every minute of the schedule with each presenter. We fine-tuned the technology, perfected the supporting videos, polished the graphics, and ensured the branding was on point. We left no room for error, ensuring every element's timing was perfect.

And guess what? Glam Camp blew everyone's minds! The record-breaking audience couldn't get enough of the high energy, excitement, and engagement. It was a flawless, stress-free success that left everyone wanting more.

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