Cut Action Media - Demo Reel

Client: Cut Action Media Project: A compact collection of cool, a popping plethora of performance, a bombastic blast of... what we do. Awesome sound design, awesome graphics, awesome edit. If you play this at parties, everyone will know how cool you are. Clip: 2min 20sec demo reel

Springloadr Promo

Client: Springloadr Project: A concept promo for investors for a software startup building directly on the success of the Stylist Toolbox project. Clip: 2min 7sec promo

Redken Symposium Intros


Client:  Redken 5th Ave

Project: Redken Symposium 2015 - Class Intros

Every 2 years, Redken puts together the largest single manufacture show in North America. Fashion and education all rolled into one. With 33 classes throughout the conference, they need videos to open each class. And we were happy to provide them.

Clip: 1 min 52 sec