Every event is unique and deserves 100%. The CAM team has your back from the moment we connect with you. We'll help you with logistics just as much as we'll coach you on your lighting setup. With CAM as your co-pilot, you can relax and do your thing.


In late 2019, Matan Gavish opened the state-of-the-art Fit Hit facility in the heart of New York City. For the first time, fitness and Krav Maga self-defense training were combined in a fun, high-intensity workout regimen complete with on-site coaches and nutritionists. Just months later, New York declared the COVID-19 crisis a state of emergency and locked the city down. With a paying membership of hundreds, his huge investment seemed to be doomed.

Cut Action Media was already working with Matan (instagram) to produce Krav Maga Academy Online (website), a video-driven system for training at home. Matan knew about CAM’s years of experience in producing live education and events online, so we consulted on how he could continue to serve the needs of his Fit Hit membership during the COVID lockdown no matter how long it might last. The solution had to be simple enough for all his coaches to use with minimal setup, it needed to be secure, and it needed to happen immediately.

That same day, CAM had Fit Hit streaming live to its members. Over the next week we worked with them to dial in their setup for reliable live conference audio and video. The gatekeeper managed admissions to the workouts, the coach wore a bluetooth headset or earbuds, and we showed them how to route music so it plays equally for coaches and attendees.

Since then the system has been refined so one coach can run the whole show, and they use it to this day to stream live to a membership far larger than they could possibly accommodate with the successfully re-opened New York City location plus the Los Angeles expansion! And Fit Hit is the happy recipient of the INC 5000 award for fastest growing business.


Redken 5th Ave has always been an education-driven company, investing millions every year in product knowledge and training for the thousands of salons that use and sell its broad range of color and hair care products. The Redken Exchange education facility is the heart of the brand, leading the way for the entire portfolio of L’Oréal Professional Products Division for destination training. On March 16, 2020, New York City shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Without access to the physical space, revenue from sales and education would quickly plummet to zero.

Cut Action Media has been working with Redken since 2007 producing video content for education, marketing, and live events. With the first canceled live event just six days away, leaders at Redken reached out to CAM for ideas. Could we manage a two-day live event with educators scattered around the country and 5000 attendees?

CAM has direct relationships with our technology developers. We worked with them to make sure our software and hardware was up to the task. We worked around the clock with the event organizers and the educators to make sure web connections and show flow was locked and loaded. Cameras, lights, and mics were tested. And with rehearsals successful, everyone was confident and comfortable long before show time. Redken was so confident that before we even went live with that first show, the rest of the year’s schedule was falling into place. As the lockdown stretched into months, CAM produced as many as 5 shows per week, becoming by far the largest single touch point for Redken’s clients.

With restrictions lifting in New York and around the country, Redken is eager to continue embracing the phenomenal reach and value of live online education. We have outfitted the Redken Exchange to support their new full calendar of hybrid classes, and we send a streaming team with them around the country for their “Redken Exchange On Tour” in-salon classes.